Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday April 13, 2011

"It's mine, all MINE! Bwhahahaha!!!"


  1. When I got Triscuit I discovered that even though she had dry food down, she would chew through the bottom of the dry food bag. I quickly got a tupperware kind of container, and even that has to be kept in the closet or she'll knock it over and pry the hinged top open.

    And YAY! Ollie finally has a page!

  2. I seriously look forward to Ollie, so Daily Ollie is fantastic.

  3. He's not going to take over the world, just the Internet!

    This will be definitely be on my list of blogs to check each day!

    Ollie and Spaz rule!

  4. If that were my cats they would see that as a litterbox opportunity!

  5. You say that as if he hasn't pooped in the dog's food container....